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Man facing windowAlderman & Hutcherson is a general practice firm with a focus on family law, personal injury, medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, wrongful death and probate court matters. Our varied specialties allow us to provide prompt, personal, professional attention to handling many kinds of problems. A lawyer who is trained in multiple disciplines knows how actions in one legal area can impact another and can advise you accordingly. For example, a serious car accident may leave you needing to modify your child support obligation, or a loved one may pass away after suffering from a suspected medical mistake – and also name you executor of his or her estate.

We can assist you in all of those areas and more. Not all of life’s conflicts can be resolved without professional help. If you need legal representation, or even if you think you might, don’t wait any longer. We’ve been securing out-of-court settlements and substantial jury awards for clients from communities across Georgia for over two decades, and we invite you to talk to us about obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

Family Law

Family Law is an increasingly varied area of practice, especially given the way society’s view on family is changing. Family law includes a wide range of legal issues dealing with families in conflict, often emotional and highly charged; this requires special sensitivity and a broad array of skills. While divorce and legal separation are the more common areas of practice, our attorneys are skilled at handling all family law matters. A brief list of a few areas of family law we handle are: divorce, child custody, adoption, stepparent adoption, child support, grandparent visitation and domestic violence. learn more

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured because of the actions or inactions of others, you may have a legal right to compensation for those injuries — your pain and suffering, disability, lost wages and medical bills. Alderman & Hutcherson helps personal injury victims recover the fair compensation they’re entitled to under the law after a car accident or slip and fall. We understand how stressful this situation is; we help our clients get the best medical care possible; and we deal with the insurance companies so our clients can focus on their physical, emotional and professional recovery. learn more

Medical Malpractice

Alderman & Hutcherson helps those harmed by medical malpractice, including dental malpractice. Medical malpractice or medical negligence cases are complex and require an in-depth investigation, consultation with medical experts and a legal team willing and able to make sure the client’s interests are protected and their legal rights to compensation are maintained. learn more

Car Accidents

Alderman & Hutcherson represents those injured in vehicle accidents. We help injured folks by investigating the accident, helping to arrange for medical care, negotiating with the insurance company and, if necessary, filing suit and trying your case if a fair settlement can’t be reached. learn more

Wrongful Death

Broadly speaking, a wrongful death claim arises when a loved one dies from injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of another. More specifically, under Georgia law, there are actually two potential, yet very different, claims. learn more

Probate Court

The Probate Court in Georgia performs many roles. Some of these roles include administering and supervising the handling of estates (the proper disposition of assets and debts of the deceased, whether or not there is a will) and deciding if individuals are no longer capable of caring for themselves and, if so, how they should be helped. While Georgia’s probate code is modern, many probate courts normally will not unnecessarily prolong the process or scrutinize the administration of estates unless required by the circumstances of a particular case. The probate process is generally not burdensome. learn more