recent CASES

Our Firm’s Successes

We don’t just talk… we deliver. Here are some examples of our recent successes.

Personal Injury and Professional Negligence (Malpractice) Cases:

$140,000.00 Jury Verdict: Our client’s pre-existing injury was worsened as a result of a minor rear-end automobile wreck. The insurance company offered only $3,500.00 to settle the case and the verdict was 40 times the last offer. This verdict was included as one of Georgia’s Top Verdicts of 2015 by the Fulton County Daily Report newspaper.

$600,000.00 Settlement: Our client lost part of her hand from a defective elevator. The insurance company settled for the policy limits on the day we threatened to file suit.

Confidential Mid-Six Figure Medical Malpractice Settlement: Our client, a four year old boy was permanently disfigured when a doctor tried an untested, unapproved treatment on him.

Confidential Mid-Six Figure Legal Malpractice Settlement: Our client’s case was abandoned by his former counsel.

$288,000.00 Settlement: Our client was injured in an automobile wreck, complicating the matter our client waited almost 3 months to seek any treatment.

$250,000.00 Settlement: Our client was injured in an automobile wreck but sought treatment earlier that morning for similar injuries.

$200,000.00 Settlement: Our client tripped down the improperly constructed stairs maintained by her landlord.

$150,000.00 Settlement: Our client injured her wrist in an automobile wreck in Washington County, Georgia

$150,000.00 Settlement: Our client slipped and fell at a concert in Jacksonville, Florida.

$150,000.00 Settlement: Our client was rear-ended at a railroad crossing and sustained back injuries.

$30,000.00 Settlement: Our client was wrongfully detained for several hours by a big box store.

Other Jury Trials:

Obtained an acquittal by jury trial for our client in a criminal case where he was charged with battery.

Obtained a directed verdict in favor of our client, a local county, in a lawsuit filed by a major hospital system for inmate medical care.

Obtained a jury verdict in favor of our client, a local county, in lawsuit filed by a property owner over his tax assessment.

Successfully defended our clients against a lawsuit filed by their landlord for alleged damages to apartment. Not only did the jury find in favor of our clients but also required the landlord to pay our clients damages including requiring him to pay our attorney fees.

Had a court enforce a last will and testament requiring property to be transferred to our client and the jury found the other party to have acted improperly requiring them to pay our client our attorney’s fees.