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Who We Are And Why We’re Different.

At Alderman Hutcherson Deal we handle many different types of cases. We are both skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators. We pride ourselves in being able to successfully represent a wide variety of clients, from personal injury, medical or dental malpractice to family law or complex litigation involving a small business or corporation, we are here to protect our client’s best interest and to get them the very best settlement or verdict they deserve. We are here to help you.

samuel g. alderman, III managing partner

If Sam Alderman could have his clients know just two things about him, it would be that he loves helping others and he loves trying cases. Sam understands that when a client chooses a Macon, GA attorney, they need serious legal help because their future and the future of their family is on the line. It is because of that, that Sam and his partner, Eva Hutcherson, constantly strive to ensure they hear, understand and exceed the expectations of their clients.

Sam realized early on in his career that he had a passion for litigation and for protecting his clients in the courtroom. By telling his client’s story he is able to help the jury put themselves in his client’s shoes. The jury then feels empathy and compassion that then results in more significant verdicts.

He has been privileged to have represented major corporations, small businesses, local governments, churches and even a next-door neighbor. But no matter who his client is, each and every one becomes his most important client.

After an early career representing insurance companies, Sam knows how they operate, which gives him the upper hand in negotiating settlements on behalf of his clients, a tool very few plaintiff’s attorneys have in their arsenal.

He has successfully handled car accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice claims, truck wreck accidents, and defective product claims, ultimately protecting his clients and helping them turn their lives back around by receiving much-deserved compensation. Sam has handled criminal defense cases and property dispute claims, both for individuals and companies.

Sam is licensed to practice in both Georgia and in South Carolina and has practiced in both state and federal courts in both states. In addition, he is a member of the Macon Bar Association. He is a proud alumnus of Wofford College and Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law.

eva k. hutcherson attorney, partner

Eva Hutcherson believes that being an attorney is all about helping others and helping them get their lived back on track. For every client this means something different, so she treats each of her clients as individuals and fights for what they need. From adoption cases to probate matters, Eva is honored to represent her clients, never losing sight of the fact that she has been entrusted with a client’s case—and ultimately their future.

Eva’s story is like that of many of her clients.  She grew up in a small South Georgia town, then moved to Statesboro to attend Georgia Southern University. While in college she married her high school sweetheart. After graduating from college with a degree in history, she moved back to her hometown to take some time off to be with her new baby girl.

Starting her “legal career” clerking for the Judge of the Probate Court, she learned what public service really meant and at the same time gained the confidence to achieve her dream of becoming an attorney. After being accepted into the Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law, Eva and her family moved to Macon.

It we during her first year of law school, that Eva met Sam finding a mentor and a future partner.  Upon graduation Sam hired Eva as an associate and soon recognized her passion and commitment not only to the practice of law but to the clients and protecting their rights.  Today, Eva is proud that she has the opportunity to help her clients every day in their struggles to navigate the complex legal system, their fight to turn their lives back around and their battle to receive the compensation that they deserve.  And every day she represents her clients with integrity, respect, honesty…and a dash of small-town grit.


Macon Georgia Law Office
Our philosophy can be summed up with three words: EXPERIENCED. DRIVEN. EFFECTIVE.

As a boutique firm Alderman Hutcherson Deal offers exceptional client experience. As opposed to large firms where clients are simply run through a mill.  Where a client never talks to much less meets a partner, we take the time to meet with every one of our clients right off the bat.  When a client hires us, they get US.  We spend the time listening and explaining and helping our clients understand what is going on in their case all along the way.  We educate them so that they can make the ultimate decisions about how to proceed.  We know what keeps you up at night and we make sure you know we’re here to help resolve those issues for you and with you.

We never make promises we cannot keep.  This is your case.  You are special and you are special to us. If you have a problem, contact us, and let’s talk about your best next steps.

You will never see us on television or the radio singing our own praises.  We allow our successes in and out of the courtroom to speak for themselves. We handle many different types of cases, including the following:

Family Law — Family law encompasses families in conflict, therefore, is often an emotional area of the law, requiring sensitivity and a wide array of legal skills. Although divorce and legal separations are the most common areas of family law, our attorneys handle adoptions, child custody, grandparent visitation, child support, domestic violence, orders of protection and any other family law issues.

Personal Injury & AccidentsIf you have been injured due to the negligence (action or inaction), you could have a legal right to claim compensation for your injuries. You could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and disability. While personal injury claims are often filed for automobile accidents, they can also be the result of a truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, premises liability accident, or product liability claim. Alderman Hutcherson Deal helps personal injury victims recover the fair compensation they are entitled to under the law. We fully understand how stressful your situation is—you are injured, through no fault of your own, possibly unable to even work and pay your normal monthly expenses. We handle the legal side of your personal injury case, allowing you the time to physically and emotionally recover.

Medical Malpractice — While we all want to believe our physicians are doing their very best for us, in some cases, this is simply not true. Medical malpractice claims are complex, requiring an in-depth investigation, consultations with medical experts, and a legal team that is willing and able to ensure the legal rights of the client are protected, and equitable compensation received.

Criminal DefenseIf you have been charged with a Macon, Georgia criminal offense, you may be very anxious about your future—and with good reason. At Alderman Hutcherson Deal, we believe that good people can find themselves in criminal trouble, without really meaning to commit a criminal offense. Those who fail to contact an attorney early on in the process can find themselves in even worse trouble. Your defense after a criminal arrest is to exercise your right to remain silent with the police, then contact an Alderman Hutcherson Deal attorney as quickly as possible.

Wrongful DeathA wrongful death claim arises when a loved one dies from injuries received as a result of the negligence of another person or entity. At Alderman Hutcherson Deal, we understand that money will not bring your loved one back, however, it can make a difference in your future and that of your family. We will work hard on your behalf to ensure you receive just compensation for your wrongful death claim.

Probate and EstatesThe Probate Court in Georgia performs many roles, including administering and supervising the handling of estates, such as the proper disposition of assets and debts of the deceased, whether a will exists or not. The experienced team at Alderman Hutcherson Deal are well-versed in Georgia law regarding the many aspects of probate and estates and will use that experience and knowledge to help you through this difficult time.

Here to help when you need it most.

The experienced team at Alderman Hutcherson Deal truly have your best interests, your future and your rights uppermost in our minds at all times. We understand that it is a difficult decision to hire a Macon, Georgia attorney. After all, this is your life and your future. It is our goal to exceed the expectations you have of us, working hard for your future.

Whether you have been charged with a criminal offense, have a probate matter, were hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another, are the victim of medical or dental malpractice, have a sensitive family law matter, have lost a loved one because of negligence or have a business matter which requires legal assistance, we can help! Don’t wait — contact the experienced team at Alderman Hutcherson Deal today for a comprehensive, no-obligation, free consultation.

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